About Me

Central to my photography practice are people and environments - people in nature, people in the city and often people near the sea. My ambition for my work has always been to document, in a candid style, the magic that reveals itself in the everyday interactions of the two. Characterful subjects are always central to the images and a sense of the space that they occupy. I strive for simplicity in terms of composition and colour palette. I look for the seemingly random moments in the streets and beyond, capturing them, suggesting a story; but ultimately leaving it to the viewer to create their own narrative. I avoid heavily manipulating the image, preferring a filmic documentary style, with a sense of scale in the cinematic framing and flashes of vivid colour if the scene dictates it. I limit my lens choice to 35mm and shoot on digital, with recent forays into analogue film.

Please get in touch for collaborations, prints or just for a chat.